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Mental Health Awareness Month Social Media Toolkit

Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated to fight stigma, educate the public, and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness. We’ve put together an online collection of social media posts and graphics to outline the significant role mental health plays in overall health and wellness and promote better mental health for children, families, and caregivers.


Addressing Early Childhood Health Equity in Communities and States

Early Childhood Health Equity (ECHE) work seeks to strengthen early childhood systems to support healthy child development and reduce health inequities and disparities that can have a lifelong impact. These briefs synthesize the recent work of the ECHE Landscape Project and highlight the themes and findings that emerged across the project activities.


National Infant Immunization Week Infographics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of children throughout the country have missed routine vaccinations. Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants, children, and teens from serious, highly contagious diseases, including measles, whooping cough and polio. During National Immunization Week, use these infographics to raise awareness about missed vaccinations and educate families on the importance of timely infant and child vaccinations. 


National Pediatric Transplant Week Social Media Toolkit

April 18-24 is National Pediatric Transplant Week - a week for recognizing the impact that pediatric transplants have on thousands of children and families across the country. We’ve put together an online collection of social media posts and graphics to raise awareness about life-saving transplants and the thousands of children waiting for one. Make sure to tag @NICHQ so we can like and share your post!


National Minority Health Month Social Media Resources

In recognition of National Minority Health Month, we’re sharing a social media toolkit and infographic to raise awareness about racial and ethnic disparities and the need to achieve health equity. Download these resources to use on your own social channels and make sure to tag @NICHQ so we can like and share your post.


Safe Infant Sleep Social Media Toolkit

Access our online collection of social media posts and graphics that promote evidence-based safe-sleep practices and raise awareness about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and sleep-related deaths. 


Building on Campaigns with Conversations Modules

These on-line modules, with extensive input from over 70 national organizations, are designed to help shift the approaches we have often used in promoting safe sleep and breastfeeding and to pull them together since they are all part of caring for a new baby.