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What keeps us up at night

  • A family receives unnecessarily complex instructions from their pediatrician. The instructions do not consider the health literacy levels of the caretaker. As a result, the child doesn’t get the support she needs, suffers undue pain and getting well develops into long term emotional issues affecting her health and that of her future children. 
  • A child with sickle cell disease goes to the emergency room for treatment. Because the disease shows no external symptoms and there is limited knowledge among emergency department doctors about how to treat patients with sickle cell disease, the child sits in agony for nearly 12 hours. During this extended wait time for treatment, the disease causes irreversible damage to internal organs, severely impacting the child’s lifespan.
  • New parents, hoping to create an immediate bond with their newborn baby, bring him to sleep in their bed. The baby, unintentionally, ends up face down in the sheets. Unable to lift his head, and with cries muffled, the baby suffocates. At no point during the hospital stay, visits to the pediatrician, or even from a breastfeeding support group, was information about safe sleep practices to prevent infant mortality share with the parents.
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Why we get out of bed

The same things that keep us up at night, get us out of bed in the morning. We wake up every day knowing there is so much that needs to be fixed and we CAN make a difference.

Help fund one of the many projects NICHQ dreams of starting. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help fund our mission, please email our Development Department. 

We thank you in advance for the opportunity to sleep better at night!

Contract Vehicles

A number of vehicles enable the U.S. Government to contract for NICHQ’s services. NICHQ is an approved General Services Administration (GSA) federal contract holder and is a partner on multiple Agency Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts.

NICHQ’s expertise is built around its people—a dedicated team of staff with clinical, public health, quality improvement (QI), applied research and evaluation and project management experience. NICHQ is available to provide expertise, technical assistance and evaluation services to improve maternal, infant, and child health and well-being.

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