National Infant Immunization Week 2021 Infographics

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemicVaccination Infographic, millions of children in the U.S. have missed routine vaccinations. Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants, children, and teens from serious, highly contagious diseases, including measles, whooping cough, and polio.  

According to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association, 40% of parents and legal guardians report that their children missed vaccinations due to COVID-19, resulting in an estimated 9 million missed vaccination doses. The first major wave of missed vaccination occurred when the pandemic first began in March 2020 due to temporary halts in pediatric health care services and concerns among parents of attending in-person appointments. For school-aged children, most vaccinations often occur before the beginning of the school year to adhere to state and local school vaccination requirements. However, remote learning dampened the urgency to receive these vaccinations, causing another major drop in the number of children who are up –to date with their vaccinations. 

In recognition of National Infant Immunization Week (April 24- 30, 2021), NICHQ created an infographic for pediatric health professionals and care providers to raise awareness about missed infant and child vaccines and to educate families and caregivers on the importance of sticking to a timely vaccination schedule. Download the graphic below and share them on your own social media channels all week long. 

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