The NICHQ Collaboratory

Connect and truly collaborate

Physical and virtual teams become powerhouses when they can easily share ideas and best practices, get continuous expert input, track and review progress against common objectives, and exchange mission-critical resources to reach improvement goals.

The NICHQ Collaboratory is that place.

Drawing upon nearly two decades of experience leading improvement projects big and small, we have developed the NICHQ Collaboratory (CoLab), a proprietary technology platform specifically designed to help improvement teams collaborate, innovate and make rapid change.

Our state-of-the-art NICHQ CoLab combines the best sharing standards of social networks and the efficiency of file-sharing systems with the robust solutions of data-tracking and management. By leveraging collective knowledge and common measurement to drive improvement, we make it easy to exchange ideas, innovate and spread best practices in children’s health.

Everything you need to activate and engage team members to accomplish improvement goals is all in one place.

NICHQ CoLab members can:

  • Collaborate with others doing similar work
  • Leverage collective expertise and explore promising results
  • Uncover useful tips to advance work
  • Post and view resources and articles
  • Enter periodic data on key metrics
  • Receive feedback on measures from improvement advisors
  • Generate informative charts to visually display progress

And, with NICHQ CoLab team members collaborate asynchronously—providing the freedom to share, contribute and work from anywhere and at their own pace.

Our collaboration platform has been instrumental in helping improvement teams build community, accelerate change and strive for continual innovation in many areas affecting children’s health. Let us show you how.

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