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Every Child Achieves Optimal Health

At the heart of what motivates us is the belief that children and families deserve better systems and supports so that every child achieves their optimal health. Because of this belief, addressing social determinants of health, eliminating health disparities, and achieving equity are central to our mission. We believe that by creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, we will similarly foster greater strength and resilience within and beyond the organization.

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Maternal & Child Health Resources

From social media awareness toolkits to guides and packets, our Resources section offers a variety of digital materials to support your particular focus in public health.


NICHQ webinars offer an in-depth look at a variety of topics, from our two-part Health Equity webinar series to more focused topics like strategies to reduce preterm birth. View past webinars online!

Blogs by Topic

We regularly publish new content, such as bright spots from NICHQ projects or insights from our team and leadership.

Case Studies

NICHQ has published many case studies on maternal and children’s health, generally as a resource from one of our project teams. This in-depth format allows you to explore a topic more comprehensively.

Awareness Toolkits

NICHQ creates easy-to-use online toolkits for you and your organization to help raise awareness about important topics in maternal and children’s health. Toolkits are updated annually and are a great boost for social media.

Quality Improvement Projects

NICHQ’s project expertise spans decades as well as disciplines. We have long been committed to the complex issues facing children’s health. Here are some of our current projects and links to associated resources and blogs.

father holding a baby while mother is in hospital bedPerinatal Quality Collaboratives

NICHQ works to enhance the coordination and communication of perinatal quality collaboratives across the nation, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes for mothers and newborns.

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mother breastfeedingSafe Sleep & Breastfeeding

NICHQ leads a national effort to align medical professionals, parents, and stakeholders to make safe infant sleep and breastfeeding the national norm.

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children running through a fieldSupporting Healthy Start

NICHQ, along with the National Healthy Start Association (NHSA), is designing and delivering exceptional capacity-building training and performance support to 101+ Healthy Start programs in 34 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. 


young boy with brown skin at doctor with brown skinImproving Sickle Cell Disease Care

NICHQ works with five regional teams from across the country to improve coordination and service delivery for individuals living with sickle cell disease, enhance access to services, and improve and expand patient and provider education.

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