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StriveTogether Prenatal – Three Impact and Improvement Network

An initiative to increase school readiness and reduce disparities in children ages birth to three.


Status: Complete

December 2017 – September 2019

  • Who: Six state-based communities
  • Funder: The J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation. StriveTogether is a lead partner on the project.
  • Our Role: Working alongside StriveTogether, NICHQ will support communities in using continuous quality improvement science to identify, narrow and improve critical developmental outcomes measures. The ultimate goal is to build the capability of local providers to track and leverage data to drive improvement and to identify specific strategies for improving outcomes for children prenatal to 3, which can then be amplified nationally as best practices.

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Why This Work Matters

Research consistently shows that the most rapid period of brain development is in the first years of life, when a baby’s brain forms more than a million new neural connections every second. This cognitive, social and emotional growth is critical for later success in school and the workplace.

An estimated 3 million children across the U.S. each year are at risk of reaching kindergarten not ready to learn. Evidence shows that investment in children and their families in the earliest years helps communities create better education, health, social and economic outcomes that increase revenue and reduce the need for costly, less effective interventions later in life.

Keep reading this press release to find out more about the work and our national partners in change.