Doctor of Asian descent standing next to two Doctors of color


Equity Systems Continuum

In response to the impact of systemic racism and other forms of oppression on maternal and child health outcomes, this project aims to create tools for equitable change within both organizations and systems.


Status: Active

January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

  • Who: NICHQ is building on work by Dr. Stacy Scott, PhD, MPA, VP of Health Equity Innovation at NICHQ, and the Global Infant Safe Sleep (GISS) Center, which developed an evidence-informed conceptual framework known as the Equity Systems Continuum to describe and define the systems wherein individuals and organizations currently operate., In addition to community partners, NICHQ will further collaborate with various maternal and child health content experts and stakeholders.
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  • Our Role: NICHQ’s role in this project will be multi-faceted. NICHQ will work on validating and producing a final Equity Systems Continuum Framework to guide systemic change in maternal and child health, NICHQ will develop an Equity Systems Auditing Tool (ESAT) for organizations to audit longstanding policies and practices that contribute to systemic racism and other forms of oppression. An implementation plan will support organizations and health systems to determine where on the Continuum an organization sits and what strategies can be implemented to move within the continuum. NICHQ will be able to show our own internal progress along the Equity Systems Continuum based on periodic internal assessments.