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Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH is a new equity-focused NICHQ podcast dedicated to discussing pressing issues in maternal and child health through the lens of shared learning, action, and impact.

Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH

E4: Inviting and Engaging Family Partners in Your Work

June 21, 2023 SEASON 1 EPISODE 4

S1, E4 Show Notes

EPISODE 2 SUMMARY: In this episode of Before Birth & Beyond, In honor of Men's Health Month and Father's Day, our main story this episode showcases the vital role fathers have in maternal and child health, with an enlightening conversation with two black fatherhood experts. We also reflect on Juneteenth and hear about NICHQ's summer quality improvement course, along with a little bit of pride to round out the month. 

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

SEGMENT SUMMARY: This episode, we’re taking some time to reflect on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month and uplift resources to help improve the mental health system and better support BIPOC and all people from historically excluded communities to improve mental health outcomes.   


Main Story: Inviting and Engaging Family Partners in Your Work

SEGMENT SUMMARY: Our main story in this episode highlights strategies for inviting and engaging family partners in your work. Hear from NICHQ Senior Project Manager, Kelly Edwards, MPH, and two family partners working with NICHQ's Florida Children’s Medical Services Learning and Action Network project who share their lived experiences navigating the healthcare system as parents of children with special healthcare needs. 


The Q: Quality Improvement

SEGMENT SUMMARY: Hear from NICHQ Senior Analyst Rebecca Huber, MPP, who shares additional details about the upcoming NICHQ webinar, Their stories are so powerful: Community-based approaches to infant safe sleep and breastfeeding promotion, which highlights findings from highlight findings from a NICHQ-led study published in BMC Public Health where researchers addressed two questions: (1) What are the areas that community-level organizations need support to serve their population’s needs around safe sleep and breastfeeding? (2) What tools or resources could assist them in improving their work promoting safe sleep and breastfeeding?  

Why I Work in MCH

This month, Rinka Murakami, MPH,  a research analyst at NICHQ shares her passion for addressing racial inequities in maternal and child health and working to ensure all people have access to quality, respectful healthcare.

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