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Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH is a new equity-focused NICHQ podcast dedicated to discussing pressing issues in maternal and child health through the lens of shared learning, action, and impact.

Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH

E1: Black Maternal Health Week, Land Acknowledgements, & Publications


S1, E1 Show Notes

EPISODE 1 SUMMARY: In this episode of Before Birth & Beyond, celebrate Black Maternal Health Week with NICHQ. We host a roundtable discussion among Black maternal health experts, Dr. Keba Henderson, Dr. Stacy Scott, and Stacey Penny. learn about Land Acknowledgements, hear details from a new NICHQ publication, and hear why our staff work in MCH.

Getting Started with Land Acknowledgements: Moving from performative language to meaningful action

SEGMENT SUMMARY: Land acknowledgements can be an important tool for both Natives and non-Natives to facilitate honoring the past and acknowledging its impact on the present – and future. Understand the nuances between offering help vs. shared liberation. Within the organization, create space to have ongoing and meaningful conversations about how teams can integrate land acknowledgements and what additional ideas can be offered to indigenous communities. In addition to knowing about the impact of colonialism on a national level, you should become acquainted in authentic ways with local tribes where you live and work – whether they still reside there or if they consider where you live part of their ancestral homeland.


North Dakota Tribal History

Main Story: Black Maternal Health Week Roundtable

SEGMENT SUMMARY: Recently the CDC released 2021 data showing increases in rates of maternal mortality across all age groups and races, as well as persisting disparities, especially among Black women. Listen to our roundtable in honor of Black Maternal Health Week (April 11-17) featuring these experts in Black maternal health:

  • Dr. Zsakeba Henderson, MD FACOG, Senior Health Advisor
  • Stacey Penny, MSW, MPH, Sr. Project Director of the National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives (NNPQC)
  • Dr. Stacy Scott, PhD, MPA, VP of Health Equity Innovation

TAKE ACTION: Join NICHQ in honoring BMMA’s vision by using their social media toolkit and community events to deepen the national conversation about Black maternal health.


Community Q&A

Submit your questions to NICHQ’s network of advisors, faculty, and expansive project experts in maternal and child health, rare disease, and equity. If selected, we’ll invite you to be part of this segment. We look forward to your questions!

Why I Work in MCH

This month, we’re joined by Ana Franklin, NICHQ’s Development Manager, who shares her personal health journey and how her experience as the adopted child of a retired general health practitioner led to her personal and professional commitment to health equity. 

Learn more about Ana and the rest of NICHQ’s team at