NICHQ Receives $4M Unrestricted Donation From Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott 

November 15, 2022 

BOSTON – The National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) was awarded a generous $4 million donation in unrestricted funds from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott to advance its vision of every child achieving their optimal health.

“To give an unrestricted gift is to put an immense amount of trust and responsibility in a nonprofit,” said NICHQ CEO Scott Berns, MD, MPH in the Boston Globe. “I promise we are a worthy cause.”

This substantial gift, the largest unrestricted donation in NICHQ’s history, will empower the organization to delve more deeply into health equity over the coming years. It also accelerates the work of the recently created Department of Health Equity Innovation  to act even more boldly to improve the health of all children and their families. NICHQ leadership is working with its staff and board to determine how much to invest in needed infrastructure improvements, how to support our recently created Department of Health Equity Innovation, and how to save in a reserve or endowment to support our future work.

“The faith she has that people will continue to do good with that check is incredible, the faith that whatever direction we decide to go in is the right one,” said Heidi Brooks, NICHQ COO, in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Read more about the impact of this unrestricted donation in The Boston Globe.

The National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) is a mission-driven nonprofit that boldly leads improvements in children’s health by addressing inequities and other complex issues facing families. Read more about NICHQ’s commitment to equity.