NICHQ Expands Portfolio to Include Focus on Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development

March 16, 2015

Girl Hugging MotherThe Einhorn Family Charitable Trust has commissioned NICHQ to develop recommendations for interventions to positively shape the healthy social and emotional development of children ages 0-5. 

Through a six month “discovery” grant, NICHQ, in collaboration with Atul Gawande and faculty from Ariadne Labs, will conduct an environmental scan of related initiatives, peer-reviewed literature, reports and websites, as well as conduct interviews with leaders in the early childhood mental health field. NICHQ will then host an innovative expert meeting, where at first families meet in one room and faculty in another before joining together to foster a common understanding of what social and emotional development looks like during the preschool period. As a result, NICHQ will identify promising levers for change and potential measures to track improvement in early childhood social and emotional development. 

“Social and emotional development is such a big part of a child’s overall development and the health of a family, so we’re thrilled to be taking on this important work,” says NICHQ’s Chief Health Officer Shikha Anand, MD, MPH. “Through this initial discovery phase, we hope to establish a strong foundation for an expanded partnership with the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust and play a key role in the refinement and scale-up of the effective interventions we identify.”

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Josh Licursi
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