New Toolkit for Addressing Infant Mortality

A new e-toolkit from NICHQ has packaged evidence-based practices and lessons learned from implementing six key strategies for reducing infant mortality rates into an easy-to-use e-toolkit to help you get started today. The NICHQ-led Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Morality (Infant Mortality CoIIN) has engaged teams from around the United States in an effort to improve health outcomes for every mom and every baby through focusing on:

  • Smoking cessation for women who are or want to become pregnant. Safe sleep practices for infants and newborns.
  • Pre- and interconception care for moms at every stage of a pregnancy.
  • Social of determinants of health that create inequities between communities.
  • Pre- and early-term births to prevent births before 39 weeks of gestation.
  • Risk-appropriate perinatal care so moms can access treatment corresponding with their medical risk.

To ensure that these efforts can continue and to others looking to reduce infant mortality in their communities, we have developed the Infant Mortality CoIIN Prevention Toolkit. This interactive e-toolkit includes the primary drivers participants used, case studies from states on their efforts to address specific topics and videos on insights learned for the initiative.

The toolkit shows the methods used by IM CoIIN teams and can help give new teams a blueprint for reducing infant mortality an any level.

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