Infographic – America’s Problem: Infant Mortality

Although great strides have been made in recent years, infant mortality remains a problem in the United States. The infant mortality rate has declined – dropping 13 percent between 2005 and 2013 – while still leaving the U.S. far behind many industrialized nations.

One of the difficulties in addressing this crisis has been the multitude of factors that influence it, including access to appropriate levels of care; maternal health; the social determinants of health, such as income and race, between populations and regions; and pregnancy planning among others. This confluence has created a system that needs widespread improvement at the provider, facility, community, city, state and national level in order to reduce and prevent infant mortality.

Major initiatives like the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Mortality (Infant Mortality CoIIN) are helping further progress in creating better health outcomes for every baby. And there are some areas where moms and families themselves can get involved: focusing on their preconception and interconception health.

Take a look at our infographic to learn about the infant mortality crisis in the U.S., and how to start preparing for a safe, healthy pregnancy.

Infant Mortality Infographic