The Equity Exchange: Innovation in Reproductive Care and Child Health

The State of DEI + The Equity Systems Continuum

January 23, 2024 | 3 PM EDT

The Equity Exchange is a new, equity-focused virtual event, hosted by NICHQ’s Department of Health Equity Innovation. This series provides a unique space to exchange innovative ideas, learn and discuss emerging theories, and share resources and tools on topics related to equity in maternal and child health. Expect something different than your standard webinar, with more ways to interact and engage on our new platform. 

Our first conversation, held on Maternal and Child Health Day, focused on the “state of equity,” and the Equity Systems Continuum, an evidence-based framework for examining racism in organizational systems. Dr. Stacy Scott, VP of Health Equity Innovation at NICHQ, was joined by Avery Margenot, MPH, Certified Doula, Equity Consultant with Global Infant Safe Sleep Center, and Manager of Sexual & Reproductive Health at Cityblock Health and Michelle Edison, MPH, MS, Director of Network Development at the Pathways Community HUB Institute®, an accomplished and award-winning Director of Health Equity with 20+ years of experience driving innovative public health equity initiatives. 

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Learning Video

Watch as Dr. Stacy Scott, Vice President of the Department of Health Equity Innovation at NICHQ, examines the "state of equity" in 2024, highlights the concept of targeted universalism, and showcases the Equity Systems Continuum – an evidence-informed conceptual framework.



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