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Improving and innovating is in our blood. When we heard that people struggled to find resources and other content on our website we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Introducing reinvented!

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NICHQ Embracing Change

Embracing the Change

It can be frustrating when a website you go to frequently has a new design and nothing is where it used to be. We get it. We know you likely had bookmarks that are now broken. And, while our old website had its flaws, you managed. We thank you for that and apologize in advance that you’ll have to refamiliarize yourself with where to find stuff. But, we involved many of you, our loyal users, in the design of this website so we hope everything is easy to find…plus we made it a whole lot better.

NICHQ Magician

What's Better?
We're Glad You Asked

  • Searchable resource catalog: Find the resource you want by name, type (e.g., toolkit, report) or by health topic.
  • Mobile friendly design: On the go or at your desktop, the experience will adjust to your screen size.
  • Navigable content library: Easily hone in on the topic of stories and thought pieces you’d like to read for inspiration and guidance in your change effort.
  • Interactive features: Hover over our work timeline or click on plus signs in the big circles throughout the website to unlock additional content.

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