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Tools for Improvement in 2021

It's 2021, which means it's a new year to create meaningful change! Here at NICHQ, we want to provide changemakers with the tools needed to get real traction on the toughest health challenges facing children and their caregivers –  today and for the future. Begin by exploring our collection of tools and resources!

Master the Basics of Quality Improvement

NICHQ offers free interactive courses that teach the fundamentals of quality improvement and how to use this methodology to create a real culture of change. Start learning today!

Diversify Your Toolkbox

From reducing infant morality to improving breastfeeding rates, NICHQ has you covered with resources and toolkits that offer high-level strategies to create lasting improvement, such as NICHQ's Fast Facts to Champion Support for Caregiver Depression.

Let's Get Social

Social media’s enduring popularity makes it an optimal resource for building awareness and education. To help maximize your social impact, we’ve pulled together some best practices on social media use, from increasing your follower base to crafting shareable social posts to measuring your success.

Switching Gears for Telehealth

Virtual services and visits have transformed how we provide care. This infographic and article can help health and social service providers improve their virtual visits to ensure children and families receive the support they need during and after this pandemic. 

Did you miss our end-of-year round-up of resources? Check out our top articles and resources from 2020.

Bring a Change Management Mindset to Your Work

Are you launching a new initiative or feeling stalled in a current one? Contact NICHQ to discuss:

  • How to drive dramatic change in your community or state
  • Strategies to get buy-in from partners to move your work forward
  • Ways to track performance to boost improvement efforts

We customize our services to your needs and goals.