Father and daughter in field

A Spotlight on Rural Families

Connections Build Capacity

A young child in a rural community almost didn’t get the resources she needed to address a potentially life-threatening condition. In this article, NICHQ Chief Health Officer, Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, shares her story and then expands on the urgent need to build capacity in rural communities by coordinating systems and connecting families with the resources they need.

Tap Into Technology

For families in rural areas, doctors, support groups, counselors, and even friends and family are often many miles away. And when families feel isolated, their health can suffer. Telehealth opportunities—such as apps that connect patients with providers, virtual health events, and online communities—can help families not feel so alone.

Looking for inspiration? Read this article that shares advice on providing telesupport for breastfeeding mothers.

Stop Cycles of Addiction

Maternal opioid use has spiked in rural communities where health access is limited, treatment programs are too few, and cycles of addiction are common. Changing these numbers starts by leveraging every opportunity to get potential mothers help. In this recorded webinar, three experts share advice on making the most of these interactions, from prenatal care to building postpartum supports. Short on time? This article offers an overview of their advice.

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