Minority populations disproportionately experience poor outcomes related to key national health indicators. These persistent disparities respond to inequities in care and access, social and economic factors, and the enduring effects of structural racism, prejudice, and discrimination. The COVID-19 pandemic has starkly illustrated these inequities, which makes honoring National Minority Health Month more important now than ever. 

Be #VaccineReady

The Office of Minority Health – in partnership with fellow Offices ofNational Minority Health Month 2021 Minority Health at HHS, the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, and healthcare professionals around the nation – is working to lessen the impacts COVID-19 is having on racial and ethnic minority populations and American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

The goal is to empower communities to proactively practice COVID-19 safety measures, get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines, share accurate vaccine information, participate in clinical trials, and get vaccinated when the time comes.

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Minority health disparities are a national crisis. Share this infographic to inspire change and improvement in health outcomes for minority populations.

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Our Health Equity Webinar Series is focused on actionable steps individuals can take to promote change, including: