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Making the Most of the Digital Health Revolution

Endless Possibilities

With digital health, the potential for innovation is endless. Below are three snapshots of what’s possible:

  1. Facebook creates community: Peer support can help more Black mothers breastfeed, but historic and systemic inequities sometimes make finding that support difficult. Learn how Black Lactation Circle (BLaC) of Central Ohio is leveraging Facebook to share support and resources with hundreds of women of color.
  2. Telehealth makes miles mean less: From providing breastfeeding support to mothers in rural areas to helping providers better support patients with rare diseases, telelearning and telehealth make it easier for families in remote areas to receive optimal care.  
  3. QI initiatives capitalize on virtual learning opportunities: Thanks to remote learning technologies, quality improvement (QI) team members can join in-person learning sessions virtually and engage fully in learning activities. Find tips for supporting remote participants here

Raising the Bar on QI Collaboration

Quality improvement (QI) projects are centered on collaborative learning. But with teams in different locations often balancing competing priorities, facilitating collaboration can be challenging. This is where virtual platforms come into play. The digital space has unmatched potential for engendering collaboration that not only transcends geographic barriers, but also enhances and simplifies QI processes. In this article, learn how an enhanced virtual platform is helping improvement teams collaborate, innovate, and make change.

The One Awareness Building Resource You Can't Ignore

In the past decade, the number of Americans using social media has nearly doubled, with approximately 70 percent of Americans spending time on a social platform. Social media is prevalent across different racial/ethnic groups and all income levels and has continued to rise across all age groups. And, importantly, organizations can create an account on many platforms free of charge. Interested in learning how to make the most of this powerful platform?

Read this article on using social media to raise awareness about infant safe sleep (hint: the strategies shared are applicable for many children’s health topics).   

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We're Grateful

This month’s Digital Health campaign is supported by Agaric, a web development agency that has partnered with NICHQ to design our website and the NICHQ Collaboratory. As a cooperative focused on empowering others in the digital space, Agaric shares NICHQ’s commitment to using digital tools to help all children and families reach their optimal health.


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