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Healthcare Quality Week

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Quality Improvement Courses for Professionals

Healthcare providers, community organizations, hospital systems, government agencies, and all other stakeholders in children’s health can use QI to address current challenges in serving their communities. To help future change agents develop and implement successful strategies, NICHQ has developed Quality Improvement 101 and Quality Improvement 102, digital courses that explain the fundamentals of improvement. 

  1. Quality Improvement 101: The fundamentals of change that lead to quality improvement
  2. Quality Improvement 102: The next step in understanding how change leads to improvement. 
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Quality Improvement Articles & Webinars

Committed professionals and organizations nationwide work diligently for improvements in maternal and child health, unfortunately, disparate efforts, poorly defined or misaligned initiatives, and social determinants affecting health make improvement a highly complex and challenging endeavor. Below are helpful resources from NICHQ to assist in your quality improvement work.

Addressing Racial Equity

In the U.S., the gap in health outcomes between non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic white children continues to widen, with children of color more frequently suffering from chronic and preventable health conditions. Without both a health and racial equity lens, organizations risk driving ineffective change by not first taking into consideration the structural factors influencing children’s health. 

Read more about Using Quality Improvement to Address Racial Equity

Be a Children's Health Change Agent

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