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Breastfeeding is Beautiful

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Be a Champion for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is beautiful—and it is challenging. That’s why moms and caregivers need health professionals who can support them on every step of their journey. Below, find three articles on being breastfeeding champions.

  1. Use a conversational approach: Meaningful education starts with individualized, compassionate conversations rather than didactic instructions. Watch this webinar on improving conversations, or read an article that sums up six strategies.  
  2. Respect cultural differences: Breastfeeding is a personal choice informed by social and cultural factors. Here, find best practices for engaging in respectful conversations that meet families where they are.
  3. Remember, mom’s sleep matters too. Support new mothers trying to breastfeed by talking to them about how to manage their stress and sleep habits during the early months of care. Find ideas here.

Tackle Twin Improvements

Supporting safe sleep and breastfeeding can help more babies reach year one. NICHQ’s video quiz, How Safe Sleep Savvy Are You, is an interactive, visual tool to prompt discussions around safe sleep recommendations. Now, thanks to recent updates, the quiz can encourage conversations about safe breastfeeding as well. Use it to inspire your conversations with families, whether in the hospital, through home-visiting services, or during a well-child visit.

Access the updated version here.

Spread the Word

Join us and fellow breastfeeding advocates celebrating on social media all month long. We’ve pulled together a social media toolkit with ready-to-use graphics and sample social posts to help you get started. Download the toolkit, share on your social accounts, and tag @NICHQ so we can amplify your reach.

As you help us spread the word, please remember, breastfeeding is a personal decision. Outreach should always recognize that every family’s situation is unique and their own.

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