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Child looking back

2020 Year In Review

In the final weeks of 2020, we’re looking back at all we’ve accomplished together. In a year filled with growing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, endless health care workers, pediatricians, community health workers, caregivers, and others have sacrificed to minimize the impact this crisis brings to our country’s children. As we look toward 2021, we’re sharing a run-down of our most popular resources that helped guide you throughout the year, including recordings to six NICHQ webinars, dozens of articles and stories, and resource guides with topics on reducing preterm birth, fatherhood involvement, safe infant sleep, and so much more!  

Equity is a Priority

Throughout this year, it has become clearer to many that the hard truth of the racism that shaped our nation requires us all—now, today—to acknowledge and address its impact in our health care systems and in ourselves. As we begin a new year on our journey toward equity, we're sharing a collection of NICHQ articles and webinars that your community found most valuable in their equity journeys. 

The NICHQ Top 10

Thank you for reading our articles, liking them on social, and sharing them with your networks. With every NICHQ Insight, our goal is to equip public health professionals, providers, and their leadership with actionable, evidence-based strategies to improve health for children and families. Here, we’re sharing our Top 10 articles your peers viewed the most in 2020.

Staying Resilient During the Pandemic

This year, we face closed schools, suspended home visiting services, virtual pediatric visits, and the substantial toll of stress and financial insecurity brought on by COVID-19. While navigating this pandemic has come with its challenges, states and communities across the country have remained resilient as they continue to meet the health needs of children and their families. Below, view our top resources on promoting children’s health during the pandemic:  

  1. In the Face of COVID-19, Baltimore Healthy Start Builds Resiliency

Webinars to Inspire

Thank you to the 4,047 live viewers who tuned into a NICHQ webinar this year. Did you miss one of our live events? Recordings to each webinar from 2020 can be accessed here, including our recent webinar series on supporting children’s health during and after the pandemic focusing on ensuring quality, equitable care and improving virtual telehealth visits:

Resources to Support Your Work

Each year, we strive to provide our vast community of collaborators and stakeholders with high quality, evidence-based resources needed to make meaningful change. Below, you’ll find a list of our top three resources that have made in impact on child and maternal health in 2020. Find more resources specific to your health specialty here.

  1. Safe Sleep Resources for Child-Care Providers

  2. Core Practices, Strategies, and Resources for Supporting Social Emotional Development in Pediatric Care Packet

  3. Efforts to Address Preterm Birth Rates Case Study

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