How can we break the cycle of addiction and improve health for moms and babies? Experts discuss the benefits of universal screening for opioid use in the prenatal period and identify best practices of caring for a mother during the prenatal period. Specifically, viewers will learn about: 

  • Overview of the continuum of care for mothers and infants
  • Patient story 
  • Evidenced based recommendations and strategies to identify mothers and infants at risk
  • Standardized management of mothers and infants optimizing a non-pharmacologic care bundle
  • Importance of maternal involvement in care

This webinar is provided by the National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives


1 hour


Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, NICHQ Chief Health Officer


Jennifer Sock

Ron Iverson, MD, MPH

Mike Marcotte, MD

Moira Crowley, MD

Elisha Wachman, MD