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BROCHURE | Healthy Start Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Recent CDC research shows that about 1 in 8 women experience symptoms of postpartum depression. As with other forms of mental health conditions, early recognition and treatment of postpartum depression can lead to better symptom management and faster recovery rates. Ensuring women and birthing people have access to the proper resources to combat depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy is crucial. Community organizations, public health professionals, providers, and other healthcare workers can use the Healthy Start perinatal depression brochures to reach mothers and birthing people in their communities. 

NICHQ and the National Healthy Start Association are providing a comprehensive capacity-building assistance training program for 101 Healthy Start programs nationwide. The training program includes technical assistance on high-priority topics, such as safe sleep, fatherhood, and breastfeeding, and training for program staff on core competencies. 

Download Depression & Anxiety During and After Pregnancy Brochure for Moms
Download Depression & Anxiety During and After Pregnancy Brochure for Fathers, Partners, Families and Friends
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