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National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives

NNPQC Description

The National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives (NNPQC) provides resources and expertise to nationwide state-based perinatal quality collaboratives (PQCs) with the goal of deepening and accelerating improvement efforts for maternal and infant health outcomes.

The mission of the NNPQC is to support the development and enhance the ability of state perinatal quality collaboratives to make measurable improvements in statewide maternal and infant healthcare and health outcomes.


Status: Active

September 2022 to September 2027

  • Who: PQCs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 
  • Funder: This project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Our Role: As the coordinating center, NICHQ will enhance the coordination and communication of PQCs across the nation, advise state PQCs that are in early stages of developing their collaboratives, and give technical assistance focused on quality improvement (QI) methods that improve health outcomes for mothers and newborns, particularly within populations disproportionately affected by adverse perinatal outcomes. 


If you are interested in learning more about this project, email: [email protected]

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Announcing the new

Launched in September 2023, the new website for the National Network of Perinatal Quality Collaboratives showcases the work of PQCs across the country in addressing health disparities. The website offers access to the PQC Portal, as well as the history of the NNPQC and a state-level PQC interactive map.

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Join the PQC Portal

The PQC Portal (powered by CORAL) is a virtual community platform to stay connected across distance and time, offering a news feed, groups, collaboration tools, and more. If you are a member of your state’s PQC, join the PQC Portal today -- you can access technical assistance, the experts bureau, and more PQC-only resources.

Already a member?

Want to join? Email your NNPQC project contact to request access.

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