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Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH is a new equity-focused NICHQ podcast dedicated to discussing pressing issues in maternal and child health through the lens of shared learning, action, and impact.

Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH

BONUS EPISODE: After Action Reviews Improve Systems, Strengthen Teams


S1, Bonus Episode Show Notes

EPISODE SUMMARY: In this bonus episode of Before Birth & Beyond episode, learn about the After Action Review (AAR)– a quality improvement process designed to help teams identify and learn from successes and failures. Hear from members of NICHQ project teams about the ways NICHQ incorporates the After Action Review and its benefits to healthcare professionals and others interested in improving systems. 

  • Sandra Widland, MPH, NICHQ Project Director
  • Eliza Williamson, Associate Project Director

TAKE ACTION: Read this helpful Guide to the After Action Review