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Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH is a new equity-focused NICHQ podcast dedicated to discussing pressing issues in maternal and child health through the lens of shared learning, action, and impact.

Before Birth & Beyond: Improving Care in MCH

E2: Additional Support, Compassion Needed for Maternal Mental Health Improvements


S1, E2 Show Notes

EPISODE 2 SUMMARY: In this episode of Before Birth & Beyond, in recognition of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, we had a conversation with NICHQ Associate Director of Research and Evaluation Dr. Meera Menon, and learned more about her experiences navigating her roles as a maternal child health researcher and new mom. We also highlighted maternal and caregiver mental health resources for healthcare professionals and spoke with another NICHQ staff member about why they work in maternal and child health. 

Maternal and Caregiver Depression Resources 

SEGMENT SUMMARY: Though maternal depression is common, many mothers may not know help is available or may be uncomfortable asking for it. CDC research shows about 1 in 8 women with a recent live birth experience symptoms of postpartum depression. Estimates of the number of women affected by postpartum depression differ by age, race/ethnicity, and state, with significant disparities existing for Black and Native-American women in the U.S. 


Main Story: Additional Support, Compassion Needed for Maternal Mental Health

SEGMENT SUMMARY: In a candid conversation NICHQ Associate Director of Applied Research and Evaluation Meera Menon shares some of her lived experiences as a mom and researcher and thoughts about how public health practitioners can hold maternal mental health more compassionately for all new parents, but especially those negatively impacted by social determinants of health. 


Community Q&A

Submit your questions to NICHQ’s network of advisors, faculty, and expansive project experts in maternal and child health, rare disease, and equity. If selected, we’ll invite you to be part of this segment. We look forward to your questions!

Why I Work in MCH

This month we're joined by Beverly Reyes, a project coordinator at NICHQ who shares her deep passion for equity in healthcare, stemming from her family background and cultural experiences. Read a complete profile on Beverly

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