NICHQ Employee Spotlight:
Rachel Leibowitz

In celebration of over 20 years improving health outcomes for children, we're sharing insights, memories and goals from the NICHQ team.

Rachel LeibowitzFull name and title:

Rachel Leibowitz, Accounts Payable Coordinator

Years with NICHQ:

2 years

How has your background/experiences led you to join a national children’s health organization?

 I have worked in finance since 2014 and have a background in political and social sciences. I've always wanted to fulfill a greater mission and use my experience to assist non-profit organizations, and NICHQ was the opportunity I had been waiting for!

Favorite memory from working at NICHQ:

This is a difficult question because I have a lot of wonderful memories from both in and out of the office. I would have to say it was the time our entire company went to Cradles to Crayons to assist with sorting clothes and packaging the outfits to be sent out to children. This memory is particularly impactful because we, as a non-profit, went to assist another non-profit that supports children and really get a deeper understanding of the work they do. I think that just speaks volumes about our company as a whole, that we want to go out and help others doing similar work.

Biggest lesson-learned when working for a quality improvement organization:

There is always room for improvements! When I started working here, it was exciting to look at certain systems that were already in place and make them a bit more streamlined. Laying a solid foundation can be challenging, especially when that involves creating guidelines that everyone can understand and adhere to. Working at NICHQ has taught me that the value in taking something that works but could be better, and then improving upon it to create something that can be used going forward; there isn’t a need to re-create the wheel.

Funniest thing that ever happened while working at NICHQ:

My first Halloween at NICHQ. I wasn’t sure how seriously everyone took actually dressing up! Well was I surprised, my sriracha outfit was no match for some of the unique costumes (including Scott) that showed up in that day!

What are you most proud of from your time with NICHQ?  

That hopefully I was able to make life a bit easier for everyone. I have worked hard to revamp some of the processes like credit card use and employee expense reimbursement. I know that everyone is always busy so I wanted to make sure I could try and develop an easy system for both in-house and remote staff.

What are your goals for NICHQ’s future?

Continue to improve systems that are helpful to all staff. I truly enjoy working and brainstorming on how we can be better and do better, and putting my best foot forward when it comes to spreading the word about NICHQ and the great work we are doing with our partners.