NICHQ Webinar

Improving Our Approach: Better Conversations About Breastfeeding

In this webinar, we'll provide approaches and strategies health professionals can use to help mothers open up about the challenges they face when breastfeeding. By understanding those challenges, we can better provide the supports they need.

Attendees will walk away with insight on:

  • The supports and barriers facing breastfeeding mothers
  • Methods to identify breastfeeding concerns 
  • Conversational approaches to better identify and engage with breastfeeding concerns
  • Methods for inspiring behavioral change

The webinar will conclude with a role-play scenario so attendees can see how to put these approaches into action. 

This webinar responds to the more than 2,000 responses to a recent survey to uncover the challenges mothers face while breastfeeding.


The webinar has taken place but you can view the recording here. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you will learn about future webinars.