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From Awareness to Action: Strategies for Combating Racism in Health Systems

Racism continues to adversely affect the health of families across the country. There are stark racial disparities in health outcomes for moms and babies; and families of color have shared countless stories that reveal disturbing differences in care. 

Thus, the need to combat racism is undeniable, especially for those working in public health and health care. But what does this look like for an individual? This third webinar in our series on health equity focuses on providing strategies and guidance that individuals can use to identify and address racism and racial bias. 

After watching the webinar, viewers will be able to:

  • Understand and contextualize the three levels of racism: internalized, interpersonal and institutionalized/structural racism
  • Apply a racial equity lens to collective impact-based health improvement initiatives using six guiding questions 
  • Identify key strategies for designing intentional, action-oriented, and strengths-based approaches to start and sustain an equity-focused organizational culture shift 

1 hour


Pat Heinrich, RN, MSN, CLE


Stacy Scott, Phd, MPA, NICHQ Senior Project Director and Founder of the Global Infant Safe Sleep Center

Avery Desrosiers, MPH, Volunteer Consultant for the Global Infant Safe Sleep Center