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NICHQ’s quality improvement measurement platform
fulfills your specialized data tracking needs.

The existing options to track and analyze data to inform improvement initiatives are far from ideal.
  • Excel can work if you have a small set of data being captured among a few people, but it adds a lot of time and potential for error, especially with multiple teams located at different facilities.
  • Basic data tracking programs may look great on the surface, but they are not able to collect and display data in a way that supports improvement or collaboration.
  • Building a custom-made solution is cost prohibitive. It requires a significant financial investment (can cost upwards of $100,000) as well as time (minimum of a year) and staffing (IT developers, project managers and more).

Needing a better solution for our own quality improvement collaboratives, NICHQ developed the Improvement Lab (ILab). Since 2011, we have enhanced and refined this state-of-the-art web portal by using it with more than a dozen national collaboratives to track and share data, as well as facilitate collaboration and improvement.

Now, for the first time, we’re making ILab available to any group, organization or collaborative undertaking a quality improvement initiative.

The ILab enables teams to:

  • Engage in data-driven collaboration
  • Input and continuously track improvement data against commonly shared measures
  • Generate informative charts to visually display progress
  • See other participants' progress
  • Leverage collective expertise and explore the most promising results
  • Sustain progress and spread improvements
  • Develop a close-knit community of learners on similar journeys

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