April 11, 2014

NICHQ Announces Name Change

NICHQ announced today that it has changed its name from “National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality” to “National Institute for Children’s Health Quality.” This change reflects two important shifts for NICHQ:

1. The change from “Initiative” to “Institute” reflects the increasingly large scale and scope of the organization’s focus.

“When NICHQ was formed back in 1999, the organization’s work was best characterized as an Initiative,” said Fay Donahue, NICHQ’s Board Chair. “Then we were focused on driving improvements only in a few areas. Now NICHQ’s areas of focus have expanded to the full spectrum of child health, as have its spheres of influence. Also, initiative implies temporary—an effort with a start and an end. But NICHQ is focused on the never-ending challenge of improving children’s health. So we believe the organization is best characterized as an Institute.”

2. The shift from “Healthcare” to “Health” reflects the expanded focus for the organization beyond the clinical setting to the broader influences that produce children’s health.

“NICHQ has always been about improving child health,” said Charlie Homer, MD, MPH, NICHQ’s co-founder, president and CEO. “In our early years, we concentrated primarily on improving clinical care for children and youth with special healthcare needs. Healthcare has a dominant influence on health for this population and so improving care translates easily into improving health. As NICHQ has grown, we have widened our lens as we seek to improve health more broadly in topics such as childhood obesity and infant mortality. These are areas that clearly require building bridges between healthcare, public health and community.”

The organization will retain the acronym “NICHQ,” and will emphasize this as its primary identity going forward. The organization will also be introducing a new logo and launching a new website this summer.

"This formal name change is just the beginning," said Rachel Sachs Steele, MEd, NICHQ’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business Development. "Soon we’ll have a new look and exciting new ways to help our partners make transformative improvement for children and families. Our commitment to ensuring optimal health for all children is dependent upon the collaboration and energy of so many who share our mission, and we are pleased that NICHQ’s expansive network of expertise, proven methods and valued resources can help bolster their efforts.”

For more information on NICHQ’s name change, please see the following Q&A:

Questions and Answers about NICHQ’s Name Change

What exactly is changing?
NICHQ is changing its name from “National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality” to “National Institute for Children’s Health Quality.” In concert with this change, we are also modifying some of the core messaging for the organization, including our mission statement and our tagline.

What are NICHQ’s mission and vision statements?
NICHQ’s mission is: Improve Children’s Health
NICHQ’s vision is: All Children Achieve Their Optimal Health

What is NICHQ’s new tagline?
Our new tagline is: “Improving Children’s Health Together.” This reflects the fact that NICHQ’s impact is achieved through collaboration and convening other committed individuals and organizations.

What else is changing?
We will be placing increased emphasis on the acronym NICHQ (pronounced “nitch-cue”) as the primary identity for the organization, recognizing that the full name is often cumbersome and challenging to remember.

So the NICHQ acronym is not changing?
That is correct. We were determined to update our name to better reference the full scale and scope of our work while not departing from our core historical identity.

Why is NICHQ making these changes?
The shift from “Healthcare” to “Health” in our name reflects NICHQ’s focus beyond the clinical setting to the broader influences that produce children’s health. This has been evolving for many years as NICHQ has grown and become part of a movement that recognizes that many factors influence a child’s health. Our work in recent years has involved this broader focus and we wanted our name to accurately reflect it as well.

Will there be other changes in the future?
Yes, there will be other changes coming soon. This summer, NICHQ will be launching a new website with a new look, improved functionality and new ways for customers to engage with the organization and with one another. With the website launch, we will also be introducing a new logo and visual identity for NICHQ.

Do these changes mean there will be changes in the organization?
The name change reflects changes in NICHQ that have been true for some time – most notably our broad focus on the systems that produce health. However, we expect our customers will notice other positive changes for NICHQ as we establish a more modern look for our brand, introduce new product and service lines, create enhanced opportunities for user engagement, and continue to establish NICHQ as a valued resource of knowledge and innovation for organizations and professionals who share our mission of improving children’s health.