March 07, 2012

Commentary by Charlie Homer Published in March Issue of Pediatrics

The March issue of Pediatrics includes a commentary by NICHQ president and CEO Charlie Homer, MD, MPH, entitled "Moving Toward Better Measures." Reflecting on the many reasons for renewed interest in quality measurement in child health, Dr. Homer writes:

"So what does this mean for the practicing pediatrician? It means we will increasingly be asked to measure our performance and that at times these measures will be used to judge our performance and influence our level of payment. It also means there will be more valid and well-tested measures available to us that we and our organizations can more easily use to identify shortcomings (and strengths) and provide a metric to assess our progress toward desired aims. To the extent that we can use the measures for the latter purpose (at the same time fulfilling maintenance of certification requirements), the former purpose will be of far less concern."