See what healthcare leaders have to say

Daniel Coury, MD

Medical Director, Autism Treatment Network

Dan worked with NICHQ as part of the Collaborative to Improve Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Kwaku Ohene-Frempong, MD

President, Sickle Cell Foundation of Ghana

Kwaku worked with NICHQ as part of the Working to Improve Sickle Cell Healthcare (WISCH) project.

“NICHQ’s role in coordinating these grantees working on improving sickle cell care and making an agenda that at least tries to push for improved care for all of these patients is very important. The role has been not been very well-served and NICHQ, in my mind, has the experience and staff expertise to bring to sickle cell disease the sort of rigor in methods development and analysis of outcomes to move the bar of caring for people with SCD several notches up.”

Elizabeth Seeliger, AuD

Audiologist & Program Director,
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services

Elizabeth worked with NICHQ as part of the Improving Hearing Screening and Intervention Systems (IHSIS) project.

“Being involved with NICHQ has been a career-changing and life-altering experience in many ways. Quality improvement methodology is not additive to my work — it influences how I do my daily work.

Prior to the working with NICHQ, we had had some broad areas of focus for our plan for the year, but really had no strategy or mechanism for testing whether a change that we implemented was an improvement. And we’d always implement statewide before knowing if the change was beneficial.

I’ve seen other participants in NICHQ projects make a similar shift and now think about how things are possible instead of impossible.”


Jennifer A. Hudson, MD

Associate Program Director,
Newborn Services at Greenville Health System

Jennifer worked with NICHQ as part of the Best Fed Beginnings project.

“After a number of small and large changes, our data collection has shown great success with rooming-in at Greenville Memorial Hospital for several months now.

Our shining moment though, demonstrating that we have achieved true culture change, came last month.

I visited a room to pick up a baby for circumcision, but his mother asked if she could finish breastfeeding first. I told her that this would be preferred and to take her time. I then asked if she would mind bringing the baby to the nursery when he was ready for the procedure. She said, 'Of course. Now, where's the nursery?' Her room was right next to it."