Better Care Coordination for Sickle Cell Patients

Grantee sites participating in the Working to Improve Sickle Cell Healthcare (WISCH) initiative sought to improve screening and follow-up for those who have tested positive for sickle cell disease and trait, and improve care across the lifespan for individuals with sickle cell disease.

Aggregate results from four of the grantee sites show an impressive improvement in the percentage of patients with an evaluation by a hematologist within the past 12 months. The median in January 2012 was 40 percent and climbed to 94 percent in May 2013. That’s a 135 percent improvement throughout the collaborative!

That means hundreds of more patients with sickle cell are experiencing better care coordination.

Patients with Hematologist Evaluation Within Last 12 Months - Average for Four Grantee Sites in WISCH Project


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