Reducing Obesity Through Community Messaging

Collaborate for Healthy Weight was a groundbreaking initiative that brought together teams of primary care providers, public health professionals and leaders of community organizations to identify, test and evaluate evidence-based interventions and promising practices to prevent and treat obesity and overweight at the community level.

The 49 communities participating in Collaborate for Healthy Weight were charged with creating a healthy weight message that was tailored to their target audience and then use that message to link activities across sectors in the communities. All but one team developed and disseminated a healthy weight message and 29 teams reached their goal of having their message reach at least 50 percent of their target population. The median across the Phase 1 teams was 79 percent.

That means upwards of 200,000 individuals received a message customized to their community about how to maintain a healthy weight.

Percent Target Population Reached by Healthy Weight Messaging - Results for All Collaborate for Healthy Weight Phase 1 Teams


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