The NICHQ Vanderbilt Assessment Scales were developed through the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Learning Collaborative project. The scales are used for helping healthcare professionals diagnose ADHD. 

The Scales are one of the resources available in both the 1st Edition (2002) and the 2nd Edition (2011) of the Caring for Children with ADHD toolkit.

Click the link below to download the version of the Vanderbilt Assessment Scales included with the 1st Edition of the toolkit. 

Download/Open (PDF)

Download the New NICHQ Vanderbilt Scoring Instructions (PDF)

Source: NICHQ, American Academy of Pediatrics, McNeil
Published: 2002


  • You can download an electronic copy of the 1st Edition Vanderbilt Assessment Scales by clicking here or by clicking on the link provided at left.
  • You may use/distribute the 1st Edition Vanderbilt Assessment Scales as long as NICHQ is credited as the original source.
  • The 1st Edition is available in English only.
  • If you wish to access the version of the Scales included in the 2nd Edition (2011), you must purchase the entire toolkit from the AAP BookstoreExternal Link
  • See the Important Notices on the ADHD toolkit page for more information.