Ashidah Baker

Ashidah Baker

Human Resources Manager
Focus: Responsible for managing all Human Resources operations and processes at NICHQ.

Previous Work: Allen Associates, The Morphic Group, Kroc Center

Activities of choice: Reading, spending time with my daughter, acting, theater

Fun fact: I almost went on The Real World reality TV show

Camie Berardi

Camie Berardi, MPA

Project and Strategy Implementation Director
Focus: Providing oversight to strategy implementation activities and projects to advance NICHQ’s mission

Previous Work: ConneXions Asia, Massachusetts Health Connector, Children’s Hospital Association

Activities of choice: Baking, hiking (hoping the two cancel each other out), improv comedy and all things politics  

Fun fact: My husband and I lived in Hong Kong and our favorite souvenir from our time in S.E. Asia is our son. 617-391-2729
Matthew Biewener

Matthew Biewener

Senior Digital Solutions Manager
Focus: Leading the development of optimal digital solutions that address both business and project-specific customer needs

Previous Work: Education Development Center, The Johns Hopkins University

Activities of choice: Cooking, gardening, watching animated Doppler maps

Fun fact: I'd rather eat at a greasy spoon than a fancy restaurant
Deanne Burns

Deanne Burns

Senior Accounting Manager
Focus: Accounting operations

Previous Work: Accounting Management Solutions, United Way, Burns Back-Office Solutions, Breakaway Solutions, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Massachusetts Executive Office of Communities and Development, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts

Activities of choice: Zumba, gardening, cooking, bicycling, canoeing, going to the Beach

Fun fact: I am a member of the Mustangs of Massachusetts club

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Nick Carranza

Digital Communications Manager
Focus: Helping to support and promote NICHQ's expertise through visual and digital communication.

Previous Work: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Sony TV (Game Show Network)

Activity of Choice: Photography, running, kayaking, boxing, watching 80’s sitcoms, campy movies and pretty much anything with a muppet or puppet in it.

Fun Fact: A high school teacher is responsible for setting me on my career path

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Avery Desrosiers

Avery Desrosiers

Project Specialist
Focus: Improving birth outcomes, Social Determinants of Health

Previous Work: Masters Candidate at Boston University School of Public Health, Maternal and Child Health Concentrator. Expected graduation date May 2017.

Activities of choice: Improv Comedy, & Training for obstacle course races

Fun fact: I went skydiving in South Africa and can’t wait to do it again!
Kelley Devlin

Kelley Devlin, MPH, RD

Project Manager
Focus: Maternal and child health, children with special healthcare needs

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Southwest Community Health Center, Yale New Haven Hospital & City of Waterbury WIC programs

Activity of Choice: Yoga, visiting the ocean

Fun Fact: I’m a dietitian who loves dessert!

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Courtney Evans Henke

Courtney Evans Henke

Director of Development
Focus: Business development and grantwriting to support and expand NICHQ’s programs

Work History: Jobs for the Future, Tufts University

Hobbies: Playing and coaching volleyball; cooking; reading; attempting to play golf

Fun fact: My entrepreneurial dream is to start a nut butter company

Tricia Finnerty

Patricia Finnerty, MSc

Associate Director of Improvement
Focus: Improvement science

Previous Work: Tourette Syndrome Association, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Activity of Choice: Swimming

Fun Fact: I’m an avid baker and want to open a food truck in my spare time 617-391-2741
Leigh Forbush

Leigh Forbush, MPH

Project Manager
Focus: Sickle cell disease, asthma, infant health

Previous Work: Partners In Health, Boston Medical Center, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, US Peace Corps

Activity of Choice: Running, traveling, cooking, learning languages

Fun Fact: One Christmas I was gifted a baby goat named Ignacio – he was the best gift I’ve ever received! 617-391-2763
Amal Hechehouche

Amal Hechehouche

Project Specialist
Focus: Supporting work on Infant Mortality CoIIN and Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems CoIIN Projects

Previous work: Boston University, Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights, Offices in the United States Senate and Congress

Activities of choice: Lots of Netflix, Socializing, Summertime Beach-time, Cooking

Fun fact: I swear by Peppermint Mocha Flavored creamer by Coffee-mate :)

Pat Heinrich

Pat Heinrich, RN, MSN, CLE

Executive Project Director
Focus: Neonatal and perinatal quality collaboratives and the Infant Mortality CoIIN, with a focus on reducing disparities and involving family partners in quality improvement

Previous work: Maternal and child health nursing, lactation educator and quality improvement advisor at NICHQ, IHI and Heinrich LLC

Activities of choice: Cooking, babysitting and swimming with my pup Bella

Fun fact: I have visited all 50 states for work or pleasure

Cindy Hutter

Cindy Hutter, MBA

Director of Marketing, Communications and Technology
Focus: Helping to expand NICHQ's reach, enhance our reputation and inspire actions by our target audiences that advance our mission

Previous work: Cambridge Associates, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Metro Newspaper, Herald Community Newspapers

Activities of choice: Softball, tennis, time with family, watching bad reality TV (e.g., Dance Moms), traveling

Fun fact: I was a White House intern for Bill Clinton

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Leah Jardine

Leah Jardine, MA

Project Manager
Focus: Breastfeeding and reducing vision impairment

Previous Work: Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Activities of Choice: Traveling, spending time with my dog, trying new restaurants, triathlons

Fun fact: While living in Thailand, I was a guest of honor at a local parade. I wore traditional Thai clothing and makeup and walked the entire parade route in shoes that were two sizes too small.  617-391-2719
Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson, MSc

Director of Programs
Focus: Assuring consistent delivery of NICHQ programs to achieve a high level of performance and deliver results

Previous Work: The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston Public Schools

Activity of Choice: Spending time with my family

Fun Fact: I grew up in Corning, NY, which is home of Corningware and Pyrex

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Kirsten Klatka

Kirsten Klatka, MSW

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Early childhood, health equity

Previous Work: Autism Treatment Network at Massachusetts General Hospital

Activity of Choice: Travel, reading, spending time with friends and family

Fun Fact: I consider myself a "connoisseur" of cupcakes

Barbara Lambiaso

Barbara Lambiaso, MSW, MPH

Project Manager
Focus: Sickle cell disease

Previous Work: Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, Health Resources in Action, Boston University School of Public Health

Activities of Choice: Knitting, reading, foodie, trying to live green, quality family time!

Fun Fact: I have a slight addiction to Pinterest and I love to shop for clothes at consignment stores.

Sherra Lawrence

Sherra Lawrence

Focus: Sickle Cell Disease; ECCS CoIIN (Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network); Children’s Developmental Health

Previous Work: Families First Parenting Programs; Tufts University

Activities of Choice: Watching TV and movies; reading books; spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: I have a weird talent for remembering names and birthdays, especially of celebrities

Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar

Zhandra Levesque, MPH

Project Director
Focus: Improving birth outcomes, maternal and child well being

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center’s Department of Pediatrics

Activities of Choice: Running, cooking and reading

Fun Fact: My goal is to go on a cross-country trip that maps out the best spots to eat!

NICHQ on LinkedIn 617-391-2700
Rachel Levine

Rachel Levine, MS

Senior Analyst
Focus: Evaluating efforts to reduce infant mortality and increase breastfeeding.

Previous Work: Evaluated informal educational programs, oversaw evaluation of effort to improve nutrition and exercise among low-income, postpartum women

Activities of Choice: Spending time with my family and being outdoors – biking, hiking, boating & the ocean!

Fun Fact: I am a life-long resident of the Boston area and was delighted to attend Game 2 of the 2007 World Series

Jeanne Lin

Jeanne Lin, MPH

Focus: Infant health, Sickle Cell Disease

Previous work: Boston Public Health Commission

Activities of choice: Cooking, biking, traveling
Katrina McCarty

Katrina McCarty, MPA

Senior Manager, Operations

Focus: Operational effectiveness, compliance, grants and contract administration

Previous Work: Development, finance, and policy at local nonprofits and state government

Activities of Choice: Getting outside, theatre and arts, experiencing the world through the eyes of my young daughter

Fun Fact: If I could choose another career it would be theatrical lighting design. I did it in college and love color and electricity!

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Charles Ocitti

Charles Ocitti

Senior Director of Finance
Focus: Helping to advance NICHQ's mission by managing and enhancing NICHQ’s financial analysis, planning and reporting systems.

Previous Work: Voxent Healthcare Technologies, Lastmile Health, Independent Consultant

Activities of choice: Basketball, action movies, time with family

Fun fact: I have dual citizenship but I am not a US citizen.

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Emily O'Donnell

Emily O'Donnell, ScD, MS

Data Analyst
Focus: Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes - Developmental Impact of NICU Exposures study

Previous work: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Public Health 

Activities of Choice: Hanging out with my family and dog, talking walks on the other side of the Charles River, and watching historical dramas 

Fun fact: I used to be an avid runner but, these days, I stick to running after my two small, but very energetic, children
Amy Oppenheim

Amy Oppenheim

Development Coordinator
Focus: Support of all business development and grant writing functions to ensure that NICHQ continues to thrive and grow its impact on improving children’s health

Previous work: AMIT, Inc. 

Activities of Choice: Painting, biking, hiking, cooking 

Fun fact: I have ridden my bike across the United States
Dr. Suzette Oyeku

Suzette Oyeku MD, MPH

Medical Advisor
Focus: Sickle cell disease, health disparities, quality improvement and health services research, dissemination and sharing of results, providing primary care to children and youth with special health care needs. Also the Associate Division Chief for Academic Affairs in the Division of General Pediatrics at Montefiore Medical Center.

Previous work: Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston Medical Center

Activities of Choice: Traveling, volunteering at my church/community, enjoying Broadway shows, watching basketball, tennis and soccer

Fun fact: Native New Yorker and I’m a gastronome (a lover of good food) 617-391-2700
Aviel Peaceman

Aviel Peaceman, MPH

Project Manager

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Boston University School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center

Activities of Choice: Cooking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends

Fun Fact: I won the 2013 Fluff Fest baking contest for best traditional use of fluff in a recipe

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Samatha Riley

Samatha Riley, DrPH, MPH, MS

Senior Analyst
Focus: Infant Health, Sickle Cell Disease

Previous Work: Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Medical Center, The Institute of Health Systems-India, CARE-India

Activity of Choice: Walking my dog, going to the beach/lake, growing vegetables

Fun Fact: The longest I ever lived in one place is in the City of Boston (13 years!!). Boston just beat my home town in India for this honor.

Heather Rogers

Heather Rogers, MPH

Project Manager

Focus: Breastfeeding 

Previous Work: Mental Health America of Georgia, Spark NH Early Childhood Advisory Council

Activities of Choice: Soccer, hiking, skiing, taking my dog for walks

Fun Fact: I will buy any book if I can have it signed by the author!

Lindsay Rosenfeld

Lindsay Rosenfeld, ScD, ScM

Project Director

Focus: ECCS CoIIN (Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network); child equity; racial/ethnic health inequities; "non-health" policies and programs that impact health: housing, neighborhoods, (im)migration, education, health literacy; children with special needs and their families

Previous Work: (current) Scientist & Lecturer, Institute for Child, Youth, & Family Policy, Heller School for Social Policy & Management, Brandeis University

Activities of Choice:
Family time (preferably dancing, cooking, or trying something new); film; books; travel near and far (especially grocery stores in countries new to me)

Fun Fact:
I have twins - and so does my sister (born 2 months earlier)!

Sabrina Selk

Sabrina Selk, ScD

Associate Director of Applied Research and Evaluation

Focus: Infant health

Previous Work: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health

Activities of Choice: Reading, travel, watching movies, trying new things with my family

Fun Fact: According to Good Reads, I averaged 201.6 books read annually over the past three years!

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Emma Smizik

Emma Smizik, MPH

Associate Project Director
Focus: Pediatric medical home

Previous work: Facing History and Ourselves, Teachers for Healthy Kids

Activities of choice: Cooking/baking, gym workouts, yoga

Fun fact: I live in Northern California with my husband and son 617-391-2700
Desiree Springer

Desiree Springer

Executive Assistant and Office Administrator

Focus: Provide executive administrative support to the CEO and COO of NICHQ, while managing office operations for to the NICHQ team.

Previous Work: Manager in the operating room at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Activities of choice: Perform and teach dance.

Fun fact: I have played the part of “Mary” for 20+ years in the country’s longest running version of Langston Hughes’ song-play Black Nativity.

Jennifer Ustianov

Jennifer Ustianov, MS, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Senior Director
Focus: Breastfeeding, infant mortality, perinatal outcomes

Previous work: Lactation consultant. Maternal/Infant Nurse

Activities of choice: Biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, gardening, knitting, baking

Fun fact: I'm a Canadian imported to Vermont and in the middle of eight siblings 617-391-2758

Sandra Widland, MPH

Senior Project Manager

Focus: Advance NICHQ projects focused on improving children's health

Previous Work: MIT, American Lung Association, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, California State University, Los Angeles

Activities of Choice: Tennis, coaching kids sports, learning Spanish and traveling

Fun Fact: I took break dancing lessons in 8th grade and killed it