A Unique Set of “How To” Skills

NICHQ brings a unique set of “how to” skills and capacities to catalyze improvement. Working with us means leveraging our one-of-a-kind, continuously expanding network of content and quality improvement experts formed through years of convening leaders and practitioners on children’s health topics. We deploy this expertise through partnerships with others committed to our mission and together we make improvements in areas that matter most for the health of children and families.

Improvement Science

We use quality improvement methods and tools in everything we do and are experts in the use of improvement science to continuously improve performance. Learn more >>

Cross-Sector Collaboration

We have a long history of convening disparate stakeholders across traditional boundaries to work together toward shared aims, with a particular emphasis on bridging health and healthcare. Learn more >>

System Design

We view undesirable outcomes as the byproduct of poorly performing systems and seek demonstrable and sustainable improvement at the system level. Learn more >>

Patient and Family Engagement

We are pioneers in engaging patients and families in improvement work, ensuring their important perspectives are central to the work and leveraged effectively to advance health. Learn more >>

Measure Development

"You can’t improve what you can’t measure,” according to the improvement axiom. We apply this principle in all our work and have helped set national standards for measuring progress in children’s health. Learn more >>

Health Policy

NICHQ is a leader in many efforts to inform policy to support improved children's health and greater health equity. We also train health professionals to be influential advocates for effective policy change. Learn more >>


In less than two minutes, learn who NICHQ is, what we do and the results we get.


“I was very hesitant about quality improvement in the beginning but NICHQ reformed me. I have been working within our region and our state with health partners for years, but we have made more progress working with NICHQ through your learning process and collaboration than with any other group. NICHQ fosters a collaborative process, not a dictatorial process. You allow us to build success in our community and not try to push any one strategy or model on us. You guide, collaborate and share, but you don’t steer. And that is what a collaboration is about: pushing and guiding where you can and backing off where you need to, but including everyone and celebrating that. And that goes a long way with someone like me trying to make an impact in a tight-knit, small rural community. ”

Ed Dzedzy
Administrator, Lincoln County (WA) Health Department
Collaborate for Healthy Weight team leader